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How Much Does an Ottawa Criminal Lawyer Cost?

If you have been charged with a criminal charge, you will likely worry about the charges, your job, and your family.  But you are also probably worried about money.  What is this going to cost me?  If you are like most middle-class people, you don't qualify for legal aid.   ...

What Defences Are Available to Me? – Defences Available When You’ve Been Charged With a Crime

When criminal matters are being talked about in the media common points of discussion are often bail hearings, guilt or innocence, prison sentences and other possible consequences.  Very rarely do you hear about possible defences available to people who have committed a crime with reasonable justification for their actions. The ...

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Ottawa Lawyer: My Bail Conditions Are Too Strict!

If you have been released on bail, you may have bail conditions to obey while you are released.  These conditions will be printed on the papers the police gave you when you were released from the police station or detention centre.  You should study these conditions and have them on ...

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