Brenda is a lawyer and owner of Auger Hollingsworth.  She practices criminal, civil and administrative law.  Called to the Bar of Ontario in 1997, Brenda has over 25 years experience representing individuals against big government, big corporations, and big insurance companies.  She thrives on helping the underdog.

Brenda has had primary carriage of Ontario Court of Justice criminal defence files from inception until resolution. She interviews criminal defence clients, does remand appearances, disclosure requests, analyzes disclosure and prepares motions and Charter applications. Brenda has organized defence investigations, and prepared witnesses to testify.

Brenda has attended judicial and counsel pre-trials and many trials, including acting as co-counsel defending a complicated tax evasion prosecution.  She is well-versed in the law of evidence, the Charter and criminal procedure.

There is a close interplay between Brenda’s civil work and the criminal justice system. Her motor vehicle collision cases often involve charges of dangerous driving, criminal negligence, impaired driving or provincial offences. Sometimes our clients are charged criminally, and our firm handles both aspects of the case. Similarly, she has represented sexual assault complainants civilly while the criminal case is underway.

Brenda has extensive experience with expert witnesses on accident reconstruction, toxicology and tavern liability, among other disciplines. She has argued evidentiary voir dires and appeals.

Areas of Practice