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Ottawa Murder Homicide LawyersWhether intentional or inadvertent, the taking of human life is tragic. Anyone facing a charge of murder requires immediate assistance by experienced and competent criminal defence lawyers to intercede on your behalf as early as possible into a police investigation. Being the target of a police investigation can be shattering. The circumstances of a murder homicide might compel the target of an investigation into cooperating with police when silence should be the only appropriate response.  This can only be determined after an in-depth, private meeting with an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Allegations of murder bring not just the weight of a police investigation, but the glare of media attention. The combined pressures of law enforcement and press coverage can seem unbearable for the target and the target’s family.  This is where seasoned Ottawa murder defence lawyers are essential to ensuring that the prosecutorial process is fair and respects the constitutional rights of the defendant. Now is the time to call Auger Hollingsworth for a free consultation.

Homicide under the Criminal Code

Canadian law classifies first degree murder into four categories: 

  • murders that are intentionally and deliberately planned; 
  • murders of police or custodial officers killed in the line of duty; 
  • felony murder, murder that is committed during the commission of specified criminal acts like hijacking, sexual offences, and kidnapping, or 
  • murders committed by a person who has been convicted of first or second degree murder.  

Second degree murder includes all other homicides. 

In addition to first and second degree murder, Canadian law classifies manslaughter and infanticide separately. Manslaughter occurs when the defendant does something wrong that leads to another’s death, although there is no evidence that the actor intended to kill the victim. The death did, however, result from an illegal act, such as driving under the influence or negligently handling a firearm. Infanticide is when a mother kills her infant through an act or omission.

It is illegal to attempt to murder another person and to help someone hide, escape, or destroy evidence after a murder has been committed. 

Bail hearings in murder cases often shift from a presumption that a defendant should be released awaiting trial to a bias in favour of keeping the defendant in custody. This shift in the burden makes it even more important to have an experienced criminal lawyer prepare for and conduct a bail hearing in a murder bail.  Remaining in custody while preparing for trial is a grave disadvantage to the defence.  However, experienced criminal defence counsel are prepared to do their best to get the defendant released so that the defendant can fully participate in the preparation of the case.

Consequences for Murder Homicides

Most murder cases that do not resolve with a plea agreement are tried before a jury. First degree murder is punished harshly, with a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison. Parole cannot be granted until at least 25 years has been served. 

Types of Murder Charges in Ottawa

Every loss of life is fully investigated by police because murder is one of the most serious crimes prohibited under the Criminal Code.  Not all murders are intentional. Not all murders involve planning and ill-will. Deaths from car accidents and death by negligence are also investigated and prosecuted rigorously with severe consequences upon conviction—prison, liability for civil damages, loss of livelihood, disruption of family. 

  • Murder: includes first and second degree
  • Manslaughter: voluntary and involuntary
  • Attempted Murder
  • Conspiracy to commit murder
  • Criminal negligence causing death
  • Impaired driving causing death

At Auger Hollingsworth, our Ottawa murder homicide defence lawyers have the experience to represent you aggressively to ensure that your rights are protected and that the prosecution prove all elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Our expertise encompasses preparation of probation reports to better serve our clients interests in the event of plea negotiations or conviction. 

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