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Being swept up into the criminal justice system is a shock to anyone.  At Auger Hollingsworth, we offer our clients years of experience to pursue a defence that maintains your dignity, liberty, and rights, ensuring that the Crown prosecutors are operating within the confines of Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Led by Richard Auger, the Toronto criminal lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth bring their experience and understanding to defend all our clients based on the individual facts of their cases. We know how to listen. We know how to strategize. We know how to protect our clients with an arsenal of law, familiarity with all the players—police, prosecutors, and judges—

and savvy. And we know how to minimize media influence if it is a high profile criminal prosecution. When you or a member of your family suddenly find themselves caught up in a criminal investigation or prosecution in Toronto, your call should be to Auger Hollinsworth to schedule a free consultation now.

Our Initial Criminal Consultation Process

The most important thing to remember is that you should not speak with police or prosecutors without first speaking with a skilled and experienced Toronto criminal lawyer. Your rights and your liberty are at stake. Call Auger Hollinsworth now to schedule a phone, Zoom, or in-person consultation.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Your free consultation is protected by lawyer-client privileged which means guaranteed strict confidentiality which is protected by law.
  • Your Auger Hollingsworth lawyer will listen to your version of the story, asking probing questions to understand your position, review the nature of the charges and how the prosecution perceives your role in the allegations.
  • We will answer your questions about how the criminal justice system works and what to expect as the case proceeds.
  • We will review any documents given to you by the police at the time of arrest.

Based on this interview, your free consultation will include:

  • An initial assessment of possible defences to the charges filed against you
  • A brief explanation of the legal arguments that might arise in challenging the prosecution’s case
  • How you can help prepare your defence
  • An estimate of the cost of defending against these charges.

Once retained, Auger Hollingsworth will meet with you again to delve deeper into the facts of your case and arrange to represent you at all court proceedings.

What Happens on the First Day in the Toronto Court System?

A first appearance in a criminal prosecution can be an intimidating experience even though it is not before a trial judge.  The actual proceeding is short. Your name will be called. You will step forward with your criminal defence lawyer by your side. You will be asked whether you are represented by counsel and the Toronto criminal lawyer will make a formal appearance on your behalf.  We prefer to have our clients sign a document which authorizes us to appear on your behalf so that you don’t have to attend court.  We would rather have you maintaining your normal life, employment and routine so that you can focus on your defence when we meet to prepare.

The prosecution provides to you and your criminal lawyer a copy of the disclosure, the evidence that the Crown intends to use to prove your alleged participation in a criminal act. The case is then remanded for 3-4 weeks to give you a chance to consult with your lawyer, review the disclosure, and conduct a Crown pretrial meeting.

You want to be represented by counsel at all phases of a criminal proceeding to protect your rights and to guide you through the process. You need to retain a skilled and competent Toronto criminal defence lawyer as early in the proceedings as possible to keep the police and prosecutors from overstepping and to preserve all of your rights and defences.

Charged with a Criminal Offence

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right to counsel in criminal prosecutions. It is essential to hire a skilled and competent Toronto criminal lawyer to fully protect your rights throughout the proceedings—from the bail hearing to initial court appearance, pretrial inquiry, evidentiary hearings, trial, and sentencing, if pleading guilty or convicted.

At each stage of a prosecution, a criminal lawyer will know what to do and how to build the strength of your defence. You are not alone. At each stage, we evaluate the evidence, assess the weaknesses of the allegations, and develop a strategy to ensure that your rights and liberty are protected.

Criminal Defence and Trials

You are best defended by a skilled and competent Toronto criminal lawyer who knows the law and the players and uses that knowledge to evaluate the police investigation methods: how they gathered physical evidence and how they identified witnesses and questioned them. There are specific rules that the police must follow. Failure to abide by those rules might result in a criminal defence strategy that excludes tainted evidence, limits witness testimony, or opens up specific ways to cross-examine witnesses. These assessments and evidentiary hearings happen before trial. Only skilled criminal lawyers know how to do this to fully protect the defendant’s rights and limit the scope of any trial.

Sometimes it’s in your best interests to negotiate a plea or plead guilty to a lesser charge. Even these options depend on the skills and reputation of your criminal lawyer. However, no lawyer should be hesitant to go the full course—go to trial—if that is the best way to defend the charges and protect your liberty.

The following consequences of a criminal conviction are monumental and can follow you for the rest of your life:

  • Immigration issues, including denial of Canadian residency or citizenship
  • Limitations on travel to the United States and other countries
  • Denial of government benefits
  • Impact on employability and future livelihood
  • Public housing restrictions
  • Lasting damage to your reputation

You deserve the best defence. Call Auger Hollingsworth, Toronto criminal lawyers, now for your free consultation.

How Can I Avoid a Criminal Record?

A criminal record is only registered if you are convicted. Mere arrest does not mean you have a criminal record.

Having good defence representation means pressing for dismissal of the charges, when feasible, based on an assessment of the evidence, how it was collected, and any alibi or claim of mistaken identity. In the event that charges are withdrawn, your record will be clear. An acquittal by a judge or jury will also clear your record.

At Auger Hollinsworth, Toronto criminal lawyers, we know how to guide you to protect against a criminal record.

Our Criminal Defence Services

Auger Hollingsworth offers Toronto criminal defence services to clients charged with:

  • Assault: Charges of unauthorized touching and threatening, with or without a weapon, whether associated with other charges, such as domestic violence.
  • Bail hearings: We know that the defendant fares best when released from police custody and is able to rejoin family, work or school, and available to help work on your own defence.
  • Criminal Harassment: Charges of stalking and threatening behaviours, many times linked to domestic disputes, dating, or employment discharge.
  • Dangerous Driving: All forms of dangerous driving—driving under the influence, excessive speed, recklessness, and distracted driving.
  • Domestic Violence: When domestic disputes erupt into violence and the police are involved in private relationships.
  • Fraud: Charges in all arenas—banking, mortgage, sales, securities, identity theft—and all forms, including white collar crime and money laundering.
  • Impaired Driving: Allegations of driving while under the influence can lead to license suspension, fines, and mandatory drivers education classes, expensive consequences.
  • Mischief: Charges of destruction and defacing of property, often brought against rowdy teens.
  • Murder: When a life is taken, either intentionally or inadvertently
  • Resisting Arrest: Charges of resisting arrest or obstructing peace officers while performing their official duties.
  • Sexual Assault: Charges of sexual assault, from unauthorized touching to all forms of rape.
  • Theft: We defend against theft of property of any value, and theft of computer data and identity.
  • Uttering Threats: Charges of verbal assault and threats that are intended to cause fear in the intended victim.
  • Violent Crimes: Charges of aggravated assault, use of weapons during the commission of any crime, arson, carjacking, and mayhem.
  • Weapons Offence: Charges of illegally possessing, owning, storing, or using firearms or other potential weapons, especially during the commission of a crime.

Will I Go to Jail?

Jail time is one form of punishment although Canadian judges are encouraged to consider alternatives to incarceration as a sentencing option. Courts take into consideration a range of factors when deciding whether prison is appropriate punishment.

  • The seriousness of the charges
  • Whether the criminal activity resulted in permanent physical, financial, or emotional life impact on the victims
  • The defendant’s prior criminal record, if any
  • Prior prison internment
  • The deterrence value of imposing a prison sentence
  • Defendant’s capacity for rehabilitation and
  • Defendant’s support network

At Auger Hollingsworth, we understand how devastating a jail sentence can be. We work with our clients throughout the criminal defence process to develop a probation record that will sway the court to consider alternatives to incarceration.

Contact our Toronto Criminal Lawyers Today

Choosing a skilled Toronto criminal defence lawyer can help preserve your rights and defences to criminal charges. At Auger Hollingsworth, we offer a free consultation session during which you can assess our lawyers and we can assess the strength of the prosecution’s claims. During this free consultation we will:

  • Review the criminal charges or the request for appearance or subpoena for documents, and any police reports and other documents.
  • We will listen to your story and map out the areas for investigation, begin to compile a list of witnesses, and compose the various strategies the facts and law offer.
  • We will provide you with an estimate of the cost of legal services.
  • If we are unable to provide you with a defence, we will refer you to other counsel.

Call (613) 699-8192 today to schedule a free consultation for the knowledgeable Toronto criminal defence lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth.

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