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By Published On: April 1, 2011

A common concern of individuals charged with a criminal offence, is whether or not they will be released on bail.  This varies on a case by case basis, but most of our clients qualify to be released on bail.  A number of factors are taken into consideration when a judge decides on whether or not someone will be released on bail.  Usually factors such as an individual’s criminal record and plan of release are issues that determine bail.  While a judge determines bail, both the Crown attorney and the defence lawyers have the opportunity to argue either for or against bail.  The criminal defence lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth work very hard to have clients released on favourable conditions.

In preparing to suggest bail to a judge, we meet with our client and speak with the police and the Crown attorney in order to secure our client’s release on bail.  We do our best to achieve the most favourable conditions for bail and to do so as quickly as possible.  We know that our clients are anxious to have a decision about bail made so we try to have bail decided as soon as possible.

Once an individual is granted bail, the court will stipulate certain conditions that the individual must comply with in order to remain released on bail.  Certain conditions are common, while others are determined based on the particular circumstances of your case.  If you are released on bail, the court will review your case and take into consideration arguments from the prosecution and the defence.  We will do our best to achieve the most favourable bail conditions possible.

If you are wondering if bail might be possible in your case, contact the defence lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth.  They will be able to go over your case with you and see if you might be able to be released on bail.

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