What Should I Do if I’m Audited by the CRA?

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By Published On: October 1, 2010

OTTAWA WHITE COLLAR CRIME LAWYER – Tax evasion in Canada is in headlines again, and to follow yesterday’s blog post about the Swiss HSBC tax information leak – involving nearly 2,000 Canadians – it would be fitting to take a look at the Canada Revenue Agency (or CRA for short).

When an individual is evading taxes, or otherwise failing to follow guidelines under the Income Tax Act, the CRA is responsible for noticing the discrepancy and then acting on it. In cases of smaller discrepancies, this action consists of raised taxes, penalties, or interest charges.

But in some cases – ones where the CRA suspect tax evasion has been committed – the agency calls an audit or investigation of a taxpayer’s tax information. Our latest article, Canada Revenue Agency Audits and Tax Evasion, explains why and how the CRA conducts these audits and investigations. It also gives you some handy information on how to respond if you are questioned, audited, or investigated in connection with possible tax evasion.

The bottom line is that whenever you find yourself under audit or investigation by the CRA, it’s important to get in touch with a lawyer who has experience handling tax cases. That audit could lead to charges, and you’ll want someone in your corner who understands the Canadian law around tax evasion and the Income Tax Act.

If you have already been charged with tax evasion, it’s crucial that you hire a lawyer who is experienced with large-scale tax cases, and has a proven track record defending against accusations of white-collar crime. For more information, contact the criminal defence and tax evasion lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth by phone (613) 699-8192 or by email [email protected]

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