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By Published On: April 1, 2011

It is impossible to predict the outcome of a case so we are not able to guarantee what will happen in your case.  If anyone says that they can make you a guarantee about the outcome of your case, you should be very suspicious.  Until the case reaches its final conclusion, there is no certainty of the outcome.  All we can do is prepare a strong defence and meet any challenges that come along the way to the best of our ability.

While we are unable to predict or guarantee the outcome of your case, we will be able to assess how we think the case is going as it proceeds.  If your case goes to trial, we may be able to get a sense of how the case is progressing at any given time, but as trial continues, this can change.  Throughout the trial proceedings, we will let you know if certain things that occur are in our favour, strengthen our case, or if something happens that presents a challenge for us.

While we cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, there are a few things we can guarantee you.  The lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth can guarantee the kind of service you will receive as one of our clients.  We can guarantee that we will handle your case to the best of our ability and that we will provide you with continuous quality service.  On our website, we outline thirteen aspects that we call our “service guarantee” for our clients.  Some of our guarantees include personal attention, quick responses to your questions or requests, confidential service, and aggressive representation.  Take a look at our 13 part service guarantee as it outlines in detail the kind of service and attention you will receive.

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