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By Published On: June 5, 2023

OTTAWA CRIMINAL DEFENCE LAWYER – A preliminary hearing is an important step for many criminal defence cases – and with the help of a skilled criminal defence lawyer, it could be the last.

If you have been charged with an Ontario criminal offence, you might be wondering: “Is there a way I can have these charges dismissed, without having to stand trial?”

That’s what a preliminary hearing is for. At this formal court session, which takes place after your Remand Court date, a judge hears the Crown prosecutors’ evidence and witnesses and determines whether or not there’s enough evidence to proceed with a criminal trial.

Preliminary Hearings

To provide answers for many of the questions you might have about preliminary hearings, I’ve put together a helpful new article: Your Ontario Preliminary Hearing in Criminal Court.

In the article, I discuss the proceedings of a preliminary hearing, the powers of the presiding judge, and – most importantly for your criminal case – how you can have the charges against you dropped with the help of an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

The article contains information on how you can prepare for a preliminary hearing, but my usual advice applies here: you should not participate in these legal proceedings without first hiring a top criminal defence lawyer who has experience in such matters.

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