How Do I Choose a Lawyer for my Impaired Driving Case?

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By Published On: June 6, 2023

How Do I Choose a Lawyer for my Impaired Driving Case?

It is not easy to pick an impaired driving lawyer when you are not a lawyer yourself. In many ways, they all look the same. But are they? Here are some facts to consider:

Fact #1

Not all lawyers have the same experience. A lawyer may have a great resume and might have argued many high-profile cases. But, if your lawyer does not have specific experience fighting impaired driving charges, you should keep looking. The law surrounding impaired driving, over 80, and related charges are technical and constantly changing. You need someone who is current on the law.

Fact #2

Just because a lawyer advertises that he or she is a criminal lawyer, that does not mean that he or she has defended any, or many, impaired driving or related charges. You must ask!

Fact #3

Not every lawyer who takes impaired driving cases is willing to take them to trial. Some lawyers are able and willing to try to get you a good deal for your charges. However, if no deal is offered, they will encourage you to plead guilty rather than running a trial for you. While sometimes a guilty plea makes sense, you should never feel like you don’t have a choice.

Fact #4

The Legal Aid list, or an Internet lawyer directory service, or the yellow pages is not the way to find the best impaired driving lawyer for your case. None of those listings do any review to ensure that the lawyer listed has experience in the particular area. There is no substitute for your own research and for interviewing the lawyer.

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