Can I Win My Case And Be Found Not Guilty Even Though I Know I Am Guilty?

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By Published On: June 1, 2023

Can I Win My Case And Be Found Not Guilty Even Though I Know I Am Guilty?

Even if you or others believe you are guilty, you may be found not guilty in court and could therefore win your case.  We have had many situations where this has occurred.  While you may think you are guilty, or perhaps others are trying to convince you of your guilt, all of this could be entirely different from what the law says or what the judge says.  Being guilty or thinking that you are guilty of a criminal offence can sometimes be very different than being found guilty in court.

In a criminal court proceeding, the Crown attorney has to prove guilty beyond a reasonable doubt using compelling evidence.  If there is not sufficient or strong enough evidence, or if the Crown is unable to demonstrate your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, you may be found not guilty.  This clearly shows the importance of evidence and legal argument in a criminal case.  While the Crown attorney does all they can to prove guilt, your defence lawyer can work to defend your charges and argue against the evidence or the Crown’s arguments.  This can often result in an individual being found not guilty.

Critical Considerations in Criminal Cases: Pleading Guilty vs. Seeking a Strong Defence

This is also why it is not necessarily a wise decision to plead guilty even if you believe yourself to be guilty.  If we believe that you have a defence, or that the Crown attorney does not have sufficient evidence to successfully prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, we will likely advise you to plead not guilty and to fight the charges.  While your case or even your guilt may appear to be straightforward or obvious to you, the law may state otherwise.  This is why it is so important to hire an experienced criminal defence lawyer who can thoroughly assess your case and offer sound legal advice.  As you can see, guilt and determination of guilt is not as simple or obvious as you may think.  Consult the lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth to see how you can get the best defence possible.

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